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The Summer Worship Director is responsible for planning & leading the Sunday worship services on the May 21st long weekend, then resuming on June 25th to Labour Day, Sept. 3rd & Thanksgiving Sunday, Oct. 8th, 2023. 

The Summer Program Director is primarily responsible for the planning, development and management of the summer programs for both Day Camp and Youth programs as well as staff management and planning.

During the summer months, staff are hired to oversee the Youth Programs and Day Camp of Huron Feathers as well as to participate in the Sunday morning worship services - reading Scripture and children's Sunday School, which takes place during the sermon, and community events such as face painting at the Canada Day celebrations & Sandfest.

Staff of 2023

Summer Worship Director


Rev. Ted and Lorraine Creen are excited to return to Huron Feathers to lead another summer of Sunday worship services. This will be their 14th summer at Huron Feathers. Together they provide preaching, music, prayer and love. Ted is preparing a sermon series "Encounters With Jesus" which will explore some of the dynamic encounters in the Bible between Jesus and individuals. From that we will be challenged to engage Jesus in our own encounter.  Ted and Lorraine are looking forward to engaging with the Huron Feathers community, reuniting with returning friends and making new ones.

Summer Program Director


My name is Bella Moyano and I have been a part of the Huron Feathers community since 2010 when I started attending youth programs. As a teenager, I was always so excited to come to the beach and spend time at The Feathers, whether that be volunteering at camp during the day, or spending time at the staff cottage having campfires. Huron Feathers is magical, and I am so excited to be a part of the staff again for a third summer. 


Since I was last on staff, I have completed my B.Ed and am officially working as a teacher in Hamilton! This year I was so blessed to have worked in an Elementary school which I loved. 


My goal for the summer is to continue to work towards restoring the community back to what it was Pre-COVID and begin a new era for Huron Feathers. An era that is full of glitter, sunny-day water fights, and connecting with beach friends old and new. 

Camp Counselors


Hi! My name is Kailee Reid and I am super excited to be working at Huron Feathers this summer as a day camp counsellor! I have come to Sauble Beach every year since I was born, so it feels like a second home to me.


I will be studying film production in the fall. I love photography, art, reading, music, and anything that grows.


I look forward to getting to know everyone and working with the kids and youth in order to deepen their relationships with God. 


Hi my name is Jordan and I am so excited to spend the summer at Huron Feathers, working with the rest of the team and connecting with the kids! My family has been coming to Sauble Beach for longer than I can remember, and I love it.


A few things about me: I just graduated high school, and I enjoy drumming, playing tennis, and reading. I have been very involved in my church in Montreal in the areas of worship and sound. I look forward to being a part of the Huron Feathers community!


My name is Luke Henry and I have enjoyed the Huron Feathers program since I was under 10 years old. It was always something I looked forward to and the dedicated staff created a wonderful environment for campers like myself. I have prior L.I.T experience and I am looking forward to stepping up as a leader and lifeguard in this outstanding camp.

I am currently looking at going to Conestoga College for firefighting as I work as a lifeguard on the side. I love crossfit and soccer as extra curricular activities and work on my fitness everyday. My goal this summer is to keep the old Huron Feathers traditions and energetic spirit alive as we work on re-creating the same atmosphere we had PRE-COVID.

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