Our History

Its easier to understand where you can go,

when you know where you came from

Huron Feathers is a unique place and has been a part of the Sauble Beach community for over forty years. Two local Presbyterian ministers established the Centre as a means to reach out to the many young people who found their way to the beach through the summer months. The Centre was built on the beachfront in 1968 and provided a drop-in cafe, counselling services and safe overnight accommodation for many of those young people.

Over the years since then Huron Feathers has declared the good news of the Gospel to children, youth and families in Sauble Beach throughout the summer, and has provided people from all walks of life with a place to experience Christian community.The primary components of our program include Sunday worship services, Day Camp for children ages 5 to 12 and Youth Programs for students age 12 to 18.

We believe that Huron Feathers has been a positive influence for the local residents and for the many guests that join us for part of the summer. In a typical summer, we host more than 150 day camp students and youth from over 45 different communities from coast to coast.

A former day camper wrote to us after 30 years saying: “I returned with my wife and our soon-to-be baby, to worship on Sunday morning. It was a joy to sing, pray and laugh in a packed room while looking out to the crashing waves. I remembered my day camp days each time I passed and always looked to Huron Feathers as a beacon on the beach. Thank you for my day camp days and for always being part of the Sauble Beach-scape. Keep up your awesome ministry.”