Summer Staff 2016

Melissa van Steenbergen

Hi my name is Melissa van Steenbergen, and I'm so excited to be back again at Huron Feathers this summer! This will be my sixth summer working at Huron Feathers, and this year I'm back as the Day Camp Coordinator. My last official summer working here at the Feathers was way back in 2009, but I could never stay away from the beach for long and visited with my friends at the Feathers and the beach often. I cherish the friendships tha I have with people from Huron Feathers and I'm honoured that I have the privilege to continue to journey through life with them even when we aren't at the beach. Day Campers always liked to guess the counsellor's ages and who the counsellors would marry, & although they were always wrong about my age, they were right about my husband! In August 2012, Joel, a former Huron Feathers counsellor, and I got married in a beachy, barefoot ceremony right here at Sauble Beach. Joel and I are proud parents to a little red headed son, Isaiah, who will be spending the summer at the beach as my little assistant. This year's staff is amazing! They come from all around Ontario, and they've been up to some really cool things all around the world. So get ready for a summer full of fun, friendships, and faith! 

Josie SLoan

Hi my name is Josie Sloan and  I am 18 years old. I have been going to Richview Baptist Church for the last seven years. I live in Toronto with my parents, brother, cat, dog, fish and snake. I am a big fan of colours and love all things bright. I love the outdoors and am taking great advantage of the beach while I can. I have worked in local missions at a summer camp and after school program for the lower income families in our community trying to spread the teachings of the Bible. I have also done travelling missions in Nicaragua and Costa Rica; I have gone for one week each summer for the past five years. I have helped build a total of six homes, repaired a well, and helped out giving meals and care packages to those sick in hospital. I have also taught lessons in their schools though the difference in language made that a little harder than I thought. I am excited to start a new journey in Sauble this summer and look forward to spend it working with my wonderful co-staff.

Brady De BOer

Hello, my name is Brady De Doer. I'm 19 years old and this is my first year at Huron feathers. I am from Petrolia, Ontario, which is 20 minutes outside of Sarnia, or 40 minutes outside of London., and I attend Covenant untied Reformed Church in Wyoming. I just finished my first year at Redeemer University College where I am majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Biology; but I also love studying Theology,  History, and Philosophy. I am on the varsity volleyball team at Redeemer which I love every minute of. I love playing sports, keeping active, and living a healthy lifestyle. I am the youngest in an ever growing family: my oldest sister has three daughters (including twins) and one son, my next sister has one son, two daughters, and one on the way. Finally, my brother is getting married on August 20th and I am the best man for his wedding! Playing with all my nieces and nephews is really where I started to love playing and spending time with kids which has me excited for the day camp. I am equally excited for our youth group as well since I mostly consider myself to still be one! I pray that the LORD will work through all of us here at Huron Feathers to further His kingdom for his glory. 

Joanna HUmmel

Hi, my name is Joanna Hummel, and I am super excited to be a part of the Huron
Feather's team this year! I have recently graduated from high school, and in the future I hope to become an Early Childhood Educator. I love working with kids and sharing Jesus' love. This summer I am excited to be able to use my gifts of working with children in such a beautiful place as Sauble Beach. I was able to visit last summer and catch a glimpse of how the camp works, as I volunteered for a day at the camp. Some personal strengths I have include creative thinking, and musical ability. I already have lots of fun and awesome ideas for this summer, and I enjoy playing the piano and singing. I hope to bless others with the talents that God has given me. This year at Huron Feathers it is my hope to build relationships with people to encourage them to walk in the love of Jesus. I would love to encourage others just as my church has encouraged me with my journey. I am really thankful to those from my church who  have mentored me, and I wish to be one for others this summer.



The day to day administration of the Day Camp & Youth Activities is carried out by the Program Coordinator who, under the authority of the Board of Directors, oversees the summer staff.

During the summer months, 3 staff are hired to oversee the Youth Programs and Day Camp of Huron Feathers as well as to participate in the Sunday morning worship services - reading Scripture, children's story and children's Sunday School, which takes place during the sermon, and community events such as Open House, face painting at  the Canada Day celebrations and providing games & leadership at the annual Sauble Sandfest.