Huron Feathers Presbyterian Centre

Children's Day Camp

Day Camp for children ages 5 to 12, featuring an 8 week theme program, and special events like the "mud-volleyball" tournament, sleep overs, day trips and other great activities.

A safe and fun filled place for children to enjoy their holiday at "the beach" and make new friends.

Youth Programs

Evening Youth Programs for students age 12 to 18. A place for tomorrow's youth leaders to have fun, get their feet wet and enjoy the community of fellow travellers, on their faith journeys.

A place for tomorrow's youth leaders to enjoy fellowship and faith, while helping each other grow.

Sunday Worship

Join us at 10am Sundays for a casual & unique service of worship & fellowship that includes a coffee break, chat time, contemporary & traditional music - with our beautiful beach as the backdrop.

Services start the May long weekend and continue through to the Labour Day weekend, plus Thanksgiving weekend.

Life Is Good at the Beach

  • For All Ages

    A fun place for people of all ages to play, talk, fellowship and worship together - at the "beach" - together with our wonderful summer staff.
  • Ecumenical

    Although part of the Presbyterian Church - All children and youth are welcome to come and enjoy the fun and fellowship of our ecumencial Christian camp.
  • The Experience

    Faith-based day camp, that allows for spiritual development along with the emotional, physical, intellectual and social growth, nurtured through a summer day camp experience.
  • Why Come to Camp?

    Building independence, self-esteem, learning new intrests, promoting active lifestyles, appreciation for nature, building memories, . . . having "FUN"